Wealth Management Companies – Introduction

Wealth management companies  provide an investment advisory service that combines ф broad range of financial services aimed to achieve investor’s financial goals. Using a consultative process, the advisors collect and analyze the information about the client’s goals, time horizon and risk tolerance, and after that tailors wealth management strategy and picks the right wealth management products that match client’s profile.

To meet the complex needs of a client, a broad range of services, such as offshore investment products, investment advice, retirement planning, joint investing and tax consulting.

Wealth management companies can provide services in large scope of financial products, but most of wealth managers are focused on asset allocation with creation of long-term strategic plan to ensure the growth of wealth for the client and cover current and future needs.

Types of Wealth Management Companies by Location

There are onshore and offshore wealth management companies on the market. The main difference between offshore and onshore wealth managers is their location and different tax regulations in the country of incorporation. Offshore-domiciled wealth management  companies, such as Einvestment, provide extra tax benefits along with higher potential returns. In some cases significantly lower fees for their services. On top of that, offshore wealth management companies open unlimited access to global markets in addition to tax-efficient investing. This list includes developing countries that may have more attractive investment opportunities compared to developed ones. Some wealth management companies and mutual funds offer high-risk investment products with attractive risk/return potential.

The well-known and popular jurisdiction for wealth management companies and investment funds is Cayman Islands. Most of TOP50 wealth management market leaders have their offshore division domiciled in this jurisdiction because of it’s political stability, tax neutrality and English common law framework. These factors play significant role in improving the efficiency of investment portfolio management aimed to deliver outstanding results to the client. Offshore investment products also suit well for expatriates.  If you are looking for expat investments, it is worth to allocate a share of your investment portfolio to such products to get the most out of your investment.

Fees for Wealth Management Services

The average fee for wealth manager’s basic services is around 1% of AUM annually. But if you are looking to build a portfolio with actively managed funds, it usually involves a strong team of connected wealth management experts. They regularly buy and sell holdings to ensure higher performance and regularly rebalance the assets in investment portfolio.
Wealth management companies and mutual funds usually charge the following fees from investors:
Subscription fee. One-time fee charged for subscription to investment products.
Management fee. Charged regardless positive or negative results achieved by wealth managers.
Performance fee.  Performance fee is charged from positive returns generated by portfolio managers.
Redemption fee.  Redemption fee is charged for early redemption of invested funds.
Average annual financial advisor’s fees in 2021 according to AdvisoryHQ research range from 0.58% to 1.02% depending on Assets Under Management. Moreover, some financial advisors also receive extra fees from wealth management company for selling financial products to investors.
However, the fees can vary by the company, so it’s very important to compare investment options before selecting the mutual fund or wealth management firm for allocation of your savings.


Wealth Management by Einvestment – Key Benefits

Einvestment is an offshore investment platform that is powered, owned and managed by Einvestment Fund. The platform provides immediate and paperless access to top-performing investment products with long track record and outstanding performance history since inception. With Einvestment, you can allocate your savings to the most cutting-edge companies across over 10 countries, 8 sectors, 7 currencies and broad range of asset classes. There is a selection of dynamic and conservative investment products available for investing.

Portfolio managers at Einvestment aim to deliver superior returns in line with investor’s profile and needs. The Fund offers selection of diversified investment portfolios for allocation. If you are already retired and looking for retirement investments, you are eligible to invest with discounted performance fee of just 15% from positive returns generated by portfolio managers.

In addition to above mentioned points, the Fund has no subscription, annual and management fees, so your investments are made both tax-efficient and cost-efficient same time. Investment products of the Funds also suit investors who see short-term investments with high returns. Moreover, there are low investment minimums – you may start investing with just 1,000 Euros. Secondly, income distributions are processed monthly, so you can supercharge and diversify your investment portfolio while powering your monthly income with Einvestment wealth management platform. The top-performing investment product of the Fund has generated over 307% total return since it’s inception in September, 2019. For more information, please take a closer look at the Fund’s products and compare investment options before investing.