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The Team


Our management team is made up of senior industry professionals and drawn from world-recognised names in the financial services industry. Both executive and non-executive team members have extensive experience in onshore and offshore financial services and robust background of client relationship management, team leadership, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer
Gyros Chrysoulis
“Our proactive management team is a blend of art, dynamics and science in making decisions.”
Chief Administrative Officer
Adriana Mendez
Chief Operating Officer
Gabriel Mauro
Director of Research - Europe
Cheryl Lewis
Portfolio Monitoring Director
Liz Kelly
Portfolio Operations Director
Kirsten Mikson
Executive Director
Martha Vodvik
Managing Director
Peter Derksen
Andrew Richardson

Senior Officers

ESG Investment Officer
Amelia Grace
“We are strived to deliver results in line with environmental, social and governance factors when making investment decisions.”
Head of Investment Research
Jeremie Craven
 ESG Investment Officer
Amelia Grace
Head of Strategy & Planning
Joseph MacDonald
Portfolio Monitoring Senior Manager
Joanna Tursy
Senior Investment Analyst
Joseph Lindberg
Senior Investment Analyst
Peter Suhring
Senior Investment Analyst
Logan Mitchel
Head of Asset Management
Jakub Novak

Investment & Research

Partners & Advisors

Operating Partner - Portfolio
Damien Cozen
Partner and General Counsel
Olaf Anderssen
Senior Partner
George Demasi
Senior Partner
Natan Eidelman
Senior Partner
Michael Spilker
Senior Advisor
Phill Clemens
Senior Advisor
Ryan Higbee
Senior Advisor
Stephen Condelles

Partners & Advisors