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Our Approach

We put our clients first

We strive to innovate continuously and to offer our clients access to differentiated alternative investment options, and to lead the industry in portfolio performance.

We’re deeply committed to providing outstanding service and valuable investment opportunities as we continue to create new products and technologies to serve the needs of investors and financial experts, and exceed their expectations.

Gyros Chrysoulis
Martha Vodvik

“Our proactive management team is a blend of art, dynamics and science in making decisions.”

Gyros Chrysoulis
Our team

Dedicated to delivering superior performance

A collaborative approach with an innovative spirit is the core value at the center of our business philosophy. We believe that our collegial, consensus-based culture has been a significant extra to our success in growing wealth and delivering superior performance to our clients year over year.

Focused on well-capitalized companies

Our wealth managers believe that well-capitalized companies have an extra ability to survive difficult periods and outperform over the long-term, providing us the opportunity to achieve better results and compound value over the longer term.

Risk Management

Managing risk is at the core of what we do.. We are deeply engaged in understanding and evaluation of risk to make efficient investments with global exposure aimed to ensure the enhanced diversification and bring our clients to their financial goals. We seek to work in a framework of a long-term partnership, listening to our clients’ demands and challenges, and working to develop strategies that match investors’ risk tolerance and best meet their investment objective.

Our Principles

Managing Conservatively

Majority of our clients are typically more sensitive to potential losses than they are eager for for outsized gains. We manage the wealth accordingly.

Focusing on

Our core investment skill is identifying the assets that we believe have a strong potential to outperform the market.

Know What’s Important

The Fund’s success is measured by how well we meet expectations and reach investment objectives.

Our management team believes that ESG factors are essential in building a truly diversified and well-performing portfolio with risk-adjusted returns for both dedicated ESG and traditional strategies. The long-term, fundamental research process has always demanded that analysts strive to evaluate all involved risks that could influence valuation, including the factors rooted in ESG concerns.

Intensive Research


Exploring growth opportunities

Comprehensive Research

Disciplined investment process

Research Factors

Historical Performance
Management Quality
Business Model Potential
Cash flow, Earnings, Balance Sheet
Hidden Business Value & Risks
ESG Factors

How we’re different

Our flexible and long-term targeted approach allows us to focus on value creation and improving our results. Flexibility and regular portfolio rebalancing maximize the total return according to our track record of success.

Strong management team with high integrity & partnership-driven engagement. Handshake Almost half of our wealth managers are our partners.

Operating at scale with borderless exposure to any locations and sectors in seconds


No subscription, redemption & hidden fees with anytime access to capital


Client focused, collaborative and responsible approach

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