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Why Asset Allocation with us is the right choice?

Benefits and main highlights:
  • Expertise in broad range of asset classes. Designed to boost diversification. Focused on risk management.
    «On the ground» knowledge, practical experience and deep roots in most of sectors selected for asset allocation.
  • Flexible performance fee. No subscription fee. Straightforward approach.
    The more you invest, the less performance fee is charged from positive returns for investment management services.
  • Low investment minimums. Anytime access to your capital.
    The minimum investment is just 10,000 EUR.  Redeem your funds anytime with just 2.99% fee.
  • Frequent yield distributions. Automated transactions. Long performance history.
    Our time-proven diversified investment portfolios produce income and deliver superior returns  since 2018.
  • Paperless onboarding. Immediate funds allocation. Intented to move ahead from the old world.
    Verify your account instantly. Invest and sign agreements with electronic signature.
  • Intuitive & secure Investor’s Portal
    Access your investment portfolio from laptop or smartphone. Invest more or withdraw monthly income with just a couple of clicks.
  • ESG or Socially Responsible Investing. Invest in a better world.
    Portfolio managers avoid ESG-unfriendly companies and sectors for asset allocation. We do not invest in weapon manufacturers, air and water polluters, chemicals sector, alcohol companies and companies with reputational issues.
  • Modern and advanced techniques for efficient wealth management. Ongoing monitoring of managers and new market opportunities.
    Our team represents the next generation of managers who always act fast and speed up all business processes to achieve the goals much faster than competitors.
  • Exceptional customer service. Communication with the client is more than important part of the relationship. Our friendly and well-experienced customer service team is happy to assist you around the clock with no days-off!
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