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Main Retirement Investments

Retirement Investments

Plan your retirement efficiently with
The well-known fact is that retirement is one of the most important stages of everyone’s life. Einvestment has a history of long-term performance and helps you efficiently save for retirement.
Inflation-Beating Investments

Most of retirees are affected by inflation because fixed-income investment products do not generate adequate returns to beat the effect of inflation and have no potential to growth of value over time compared to Einvestment portfolios with higher inflation-adjusted returns.

Pick up the right investment product that suits you and activate the source of sustainable retirement income today.

Special conditions available
exclusively for retired investors
Discounted performance
fee: 15%*
*If min. investment amount exceeds €10,000
Turn your savings into monthly income

Сhoose the most suitable portfolio for you

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Risk Level
For investors who seek the high level of long-term total
return that is consistent with a conservative level of risk.
Sustainable Growth
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Risk Level
For investors seeking to generate income from high yield investment portfolio with attractive risk/return potential.
Extra High Yield
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