Conservative mutual fund investing typically involves low-risk while conservative mutual funds are generally designed to match the average rate of inflation. Conservative mutual funds suit investors with low risk tolerance who are close to retirement or have already retired and looks to invest for retirement in post-retirement age.

Conservative Mutual Funds – What are they?

Mutual funds that are conservative because they have an allocation strategy that is relatively low in risk compared to aggressive funds and balanced funds.. Conservative portfolios typically seek to provide both capital appreciation and income flow, but fund managers usually put more emphasis on capital appreciation as the fund’s primary objective.

Conservative allocations typically have between 20% and 50% of portfolio assets in stocks and 50% to 80% of assets in a combination of bonds and cash, according to

Achieve optimal allocation – Invest in Conservative Funds

Allocating your funds among wide selection of different asset classes is a path to broad diversification of your investment portfolio and reduced risk. If you are looking to invest without taking too much risk, you should consider choosing Large-Cap stocks – shares of the issuers with market capitalization that exceeds $10 Billion.

If you are conservative investor, take a closer look at diversified investment offerings of Einvestment Fund before you start investing conservatively. The Fund opens access to global investment opportunities across over 10 countries and 15 sectors including green energy, artificial intelligence and other industries that have a strong potential to growth over short-to-medium term period.

Conservative Investment Product

Name: Sustainable Growth Segregated Portfolio     

Inception Date: September 3rd, 2018

Total Return: +138.32%     

Year-to-Date Return: +31.45%

Assets Under Management: €37.1M

Investment Minimums: €1,000 for individual investors and €50,000 for institutional clients

Performance fee: 15-25%

Investment objective:

Portfolio aims to deliver a high total return over the medium-to-long term and ensure broad diversification through allocation to different regions, sectors, countries, currencies and asset classes.

Key highlights:

– Low investment minimums

– No entry & subscription fees

– Reduced performance fee for retired investors

– Tax-efficient allocation

– Monthly income distributions

– High Annual Portfolio Turnover Rate above 50%

– Access your capital anytime –  just 2.99% redemption fee

– Hassle-free and paperless investor’s onboarding

Learn more about Sustainable Growth Portfolio here.

More about Einvestment Fund

The Fund has been operating on wealth management market since 2018 as authorised Segregated Portfolio Company headquartered in George Town, Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands is one of the most recognized and trusted jurisdictions for offshore investment management companies and mutual funds. The Fund’s portfolio management team consists of over 40 talents in 6 regions. Portfolio managers have over 200 years of combined asset management experience, onshore and offshore financial services, legal and regulatory compliance alongside with corporate governance.

The Fund  has reported over 103,000,000 Euros of total net assets under management, according to annual report of January, 2021. is an online mutual fund platform powered, managed and operated by Einvestment Fund. The platform is built to deliver safe and simple online investing experience,  and bring investors to their financial goals with a convenient and intuitive investor’s portal. Additionally, the fund offers reduced fees for investors who are looking for asset allocation in post-retirement age, which makes investing with Einvestment is even more attractive and cost-efficient solution for asset allocation.

Not Just Conservative Fund

In addition to investment opportunity with relatively low risk, Einvestment provides high-risk investment product for investors who seek to allocate their savings with attractive risk/return potential and feel comfortable in taking higher risk in exchange to potentially higher return.

Moreover,  allocation strategy of Extra High Yield Segregated Portfolio also includes partial exposure to crypto market which involves high volatility risks. However portfolio managers have generated a total return of over 317% within 30 months since portfolio inception date of February 13th, 2019.

Learn more about Extra High Yield Portfolio.