Investors frequently hear about the power of portfolio diversification. This usually means investors don’t put all eggs in one basket. Diversification improves risk management and is generally aimed to a better return on investment and right balance between risk and return, especially when it comes to aggressive investment portfolio.

There are many ways to diversify investment portfolio, so choosing the suitable diversification strategy is up to you. Basically, your risk tolerance, financial goals and personality are the main factors.

Aggressive Investment Portfolio

Aggressive investment portfolio seeks enhanced returns and accepts moderate and high risk when making investment decisions. Generally, aggressive portfolio consists of stocks that have a high beta or are very sensitive to the overall market. These stocks experience greater fluctuations in price than stocks chosen for defensive portfolio or income portfolio. If a stock has a beta of 3.0, it will typically move threefold that the overall market in both directions.

Aggressive investors select the companies that have a unique value proposition and are just starting their growth. They are mostly early-stage companies that have strong potential to future growth and returns, however such type of investing considered as high-risk investments.

How to Build Aggressive Portfolio?

Conduct in-depth market research, put your efforts to search for companies that are quickly boosting revenue growth but haven’t yet been discovered by most of average retail investors. Most of companies suitable for aggressive investment portfolio are usually discovered in technology sectors, including Fintech and blockchain-driven companies. ESG investing is now also becoming increasingly popular among investors, so you may invest in line with your values and get high return on your investment as well.

Risk management is the key to build a broadly diversified aggressive portfolio where success of investing is ensured by timely rebalancing of your portfolio. Aggressive investment strategy enables investors to make profit on rising and falling markets. However, it is recommended to build aggressive portfolio  with certified financial advisor or wealth manager. Additionally, you may invest with mutual funds or investment management companies that have investment offering which matches your financial goals and risk tolerance.



If you are looking to invest for retirement, you should consider investing a smaller part of your savings to risky and speculative investments. The older you are, the more low-risk investments you should make to ensure happy and hassle-free retirement.

Investing in Bitcoin and Digital Assets

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a good choice for aggressive investors as it gives access to one of the most volatile markets where investors can generate higher returns incomparable to stocks and other instruments. Most of people still put cryptocurrency investments to speculative investments category but adoption of blockchain technology and overall investments in blockchain-driven companies are on the rise.

If you seek to invest in crypto with reduced risks, you should consider investing with crypto mutual funds where experienced fund manager or a dedicated group of portfolio managers will manage your assets and take care of risks, rebalancing and overall portfolio management. Starting from July, the market is on the rise and it’s future potential makes sense but investing over 10% of your assets in crypto would not be a good allocation strategy if you are not ready to take too much risk.

Build your portfolio with Einvestment

Einvestment is an electronic mutual fund investment platform powered, owned and operated by Einvestment Fund. The Fund is domiciled in the Cayman Islands and delivers superior returns to investors since it’s inception in 2018. Cayman Islands is one of the most recognized and reputable jurisdictions for offshore investment funds and wealth management companies.

The Fund currently has two investment products:

Sustainable Growth Segregated Portfolio for conservative investors

Inception Date: 03/09/2018

Total Return since inception currently exceeds 130% as of August, 2021. Portfolio seeks to deliver sustainable income to investors who are not prepared to take too much risk.

Extra High Yield Segregated Portfolio for aggressive investors

Inception Date: 13/02/2019

Total return since inception currently exceeds 316% as of August, 2021. The product is designed for investors who are looking to build aggressive investment portfolio with attractive risk/return potential and hybrid asset allocation with exposure to traditional and crypto markets.

Benefits of investing with Einvestment

  1. Licensed & regulated mutual fund operating since 2018
  2. Paperless and hassle-free access with no traditional paperwork
  3. Broad diversification and outstanding performance history
  4. Low investment minimums
  5. Monthly income distributions
  6. No entry, annual and management fees for cost-efficient investing
  7. Tax-efficient investing in offshore jurisdiction
  8. Simple, secure and convenient Investor’s Portal
  9. Exposure to global markets and cryptocurrencies
  10. 24/7 multi-lingual customer support is always at your service

Need more information? Please compare investment products here before you start building your aggressive investment portfolio with Einvestment.


Please keep in mind that investing in Actively Managed Mutual Funds is associated with a high degree of risk. The value of securities may fluctuate and the Fund may not achieve it”s objective. Past performance of the Fund and it’s investment offerings is not a guarantee for future returns.