Investment can take many forms, and you can diversify your portfolio by investing in a broad range of asset classes, from buying stocks to allocating your savings to actively managed funds or even hold some cryptocurrencies or invest in crypto investment funds if you are prepared to accept taking higher risk in exchange to strong potential to growth and high hypothetical return based on historical performance of particular assets. Even buying a few bars of investment-grade gold with the purpose of reselling it at a higher price could be considered investing. Now we’ll discuss Actively Managed Funds.

What are Actively Managed Funds?

AMFs are the funds that are actively managed by investment fund manager or a dedicated team of portfolio managers who buy and sell the holdings at the right moment to achieve the Fund’s objective. Generally, Actively Managed Funds are aimed to beat overall market performance and inflation, or even outperform the market. The most known type of AMFs is a mutual fund, where investors pool their funds together to an Actively Managed Fund to achieve their financial goals and stay in line with their risk tolerance. It’s also possible to find an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) which is also actively managed.

Keep in mind: Actively Managed Funds charge significantly higher fees than Passively Managed Funds, while tending to underperform over longer period of time.

Active Funds vs Passive Funds

Key benefits of investing in Actively Managed Funds

  • Opportunity to outperform the market and generate higher returns even for  short-term investments
  • Day-to-day portfolio monitoring aimed to improve diversification and timely rebalance the assets in case of market downturn
  • Possibility to communicate with a Fund manager and add some corrections to your  asset allocation  strategy anytime

Key Disadvantages of AMFs

  • The fees are significantly higher compared to passively managed funds
  • Actively Managed Funds underperform their benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis, according to  AdvisorPerspectives report
  • Investing in Actively Managed Funds involves higher common and volatility risks compared to Passively Managed Funds

Invest in Actively Managed Funds

Invest in Actively Managed Funds with Einvestment

Einvestment Fund is one of offshore investment funds considered as AMF. The Fund is domiciled in the Cayman Islands – one of the world’s most popular destinations for offshore wealth management companies and mutual funds. The Fund offers paperless access to investment products aimed to supercharge your portfolio with income-producing assets and bring you to your financial goals in line with your risk profile.

With Einvestment, you can securely open online investment account, verify your identity and start your tax-efficient investment journey in less than 15 minutes. The Fund’s top-performing investment product has generated almost 318% total return in 30 months, according to historical data of Extra High Yield Portfolio. The product is designed for investors who seek to build aggressive investment portfolio aimed to outperform the benchmark of the Fund or outperform the market. Investing offshore opens unlimited access to global markets, including developing countries with more attractive opportunities for growing wealth. Dedicated  team of portfolio managers is aimed to ensure high level of current income as a primary objective, and capital appreciation as a secondary objective.

Invest with almost no fees

Einvestment has the highly competitive fees policy to deliver highly cost-efficient investment management services:

  • No entry fees. Subscribe to Fund’s investment products with no entry fees.
  • No annual fees. Truly cost-efficient investing with  no annual or account-keeping fees.
  • No management fees. You pay  nothing  if portfolio managers do not achieve positive returns.
  • 2.99% early redemption fee. Anytime access to your capital – one of of the  industry-lowest fees.
  • 17.5%-25% performance fee. The more funds invested, the less fee is charged for management services.

More benefits of investing with Einvestment

  • Low investment minimums. Start investing online with just  1,000 Euros.
  • High Liquidity. Withdraw invested capital anytime before 24 months subscription agreement period expiration.
  • Long performance historyCompare investment products  to track performance and find more information.
  • Real-time reporting. Stay informed about Fund’s Net Assets in  real-time.
  • Reduced fees for retirees. Supercharge your  retirement investment  portfolio and pay just 15% performance fee.
  • Invest tax-efficiently. Enjoy inflation-beating returns and extra tax benefits of offshore investing.
  • Electronic paperwork. Paperless onboarding with automated KYC and electronic signature of agreements.
  • Monthly income distributions. Great opportunity for investors who seek to invest in  monthly income funds.

Invest in line with your values

Ethical investing is now becoming increasing popular among investors from all regions. Covid-19 pandemic is one of the factors that boosted ESG transformation of global corporations and financial institutions, and also became a driver for growth of ESG Funds popularity.

If you are looking to invest in line with your values and avoid investing in toxic or harmful companies like weapon manufacturers, alcohol and chemicals industry, forced labor and other ESG-unfriendly activities, the products of Einvestment Fund also suit your profile. In addition to changing the world and reducing impact on climate change, Ethical investing also generates high returns and becomes a great marketing opportunity for investment management companies around the world.


Please note that past performance of the offered investment products is not a guarantee of future results. The value of marketable securities held by portfolio managers may fluctuate. The returns are driven by performance of the Fund and cannot be guarantees. Investing in actively-managed mutual funds is considered as high-risk investment opportunity.

It’s recommended to do your own in-depth research or advise with professional wealth manager or certified financial advisor in case you have no previous experience in mutual fund investments or need professional advise to customize your portfolio allocation strategy to achieve the results and reduce the risks.