Expat Investment Accounts – Overview

Popularity of offshore investment accounts for expats is growing with each year, and they are becoming popular for both well-experienced investors and beginners. On top of that, there are specific expat-centric investment products designed for people living outside their home country, and for those who are looking to invest overseas and get TAX benefits and potentially higher returns. Investment platforms enable investors to allocate their savings to top-performing investment products offered by financial institution that owns the platform. Investment platform also makes the investing experience less complicated with the use of modern technologies strived to reduce the amount of costs, exclude paperwork, and ensure immediate access to investments for expats.

Expat investments with Offshore Mutual Fund Platforms

The main and only difference of offshore asset management platforms to standard ones is their location in offshore jurisdiction, such as Cayman Islands — one of the most popular and reputable country for mutual funds and wealth management firms. Significant share of the world-famous offshore mutual funds is located in the Cayman Islands because of it’s tax neutrality, political stability and English common law. Each offshore platform offers it’s own financial products, fee structure and frequency of yield distributions.

Einvestment is a trustworthy offshore investment platform that offers quick access to segregated investment portfolios of the Fund that are built with different allocation strategies to achieve financial goals of investors with different level of risk tolerance. Einvestment delivers excellent performance over years, and operates on the market of wealth management services since 2018. With Einvestment platform, you may open offshore investment account online, and benefit from fully-automated application process that saves a lot of time, and lets investors start their investment journey same-day without hassle and paperwork. Subscription agreements are also signed electronically via secure electronic signatures platform. Einvestment makes expat investments simple and accessible.

The Fund delivers superior returns since 2018. Einvestment offers fine selection of well-diversified segregated portfolios for allocation. Investor may select the product that suits his/her financial goals while staying in line with investor’s risk tolerance. The Fund’s top-performing product has generated over 300% total return since it’s inception, and has attractive risk/return potential. According to the Fund’s annual report, Total Net Assets under management surpassed €100 Million as at January, 2021 while Year-To-Year revenue growth reached 253%.

In addition to above mentioned facts, the Fund offers discounted performance fee of just 15% exclusively for retirees. The Fund’s investors save hours of time for paperwork, and maximize their returns by adjusting compounding rate on the way. Before you start your investment journey with Einvestment, please take a closer look at the Fund’s performance and compare investment options built to turn expat investments into excellent investing experience.

If you have no previous experience with offshore investment platforms or offshore mutual funds, it’s recommended to get an advise from an independent financial advisor, who will guide you through the process and will help to select the most suitable platform to bring you to your financial goals with professional approach to investment portfolio diversification.

Is it worth investing with offshore funds as expatriate?

The key advantage of offshore mutual funds and investment products is that they are domiciled in tax-efficient jurisdiction. Offshore investment opportunities open unlimited access to allocation in a broad range of different asset classes around the world, but involves some degree of risk, which should be stated in the investment offering profile. Investing overseas is also the great opportunity for expats and retired investors around the world because of their outstanding performance and attractive fees policy.

These highlighted facts clear out that expat investment account is an excellent investment opportunity that deserves to be selected for construction of diversified investment portfolio with strong performance regardless investor’s age, location or level of risk tolerance. Offshore mutual fund is a vehicle that is built to produce tax-efficient returns and gain 100% offshore exposure through allocation to different regions, sectors, currencies and asset classes. Additionally, there are also ESG Funds available for those, who want invest in a better world by investing in non-harmful industries.

If you live outside your home country and meet requirements for non-residents, you may be able to benefit from investing your funds overseas. But what benefits will you get by investing offshore?

Depending on your financial goals, offshore investing may offer you wider range of benefits including tax neutrality, reduced fees, broader diversification, privacy and asset protection, strict corporate and banking confidentiality. Nevertheless, offshore investing is still beyond the vision of many investors, but is well-researched and well-known opportunity of the wealthiest ones.

In a small number of countries, international and offshore investments are restricted for citizens. Many investors consider this as restriction from establishing a truly diversified, well-performing investment portfolio with international or offshore funds. Expat-focused investment opportunities are more flexible as they give investors completely unlimited access to global markets and better investment options with potentially higher returns. In addition to this, there are many attractive investment opportunities in developing countries, where offshore mutual funds also invest significant share of their net assets.