Best Offshore Mutual Funds: Explore top-performing options

Looking for best offshore mutual funds? These days, it is easier than ever to invest online with Einvestment offshore mutual fund platform powered by the Fund with outstanding performance history since inception. Our portfolio managers are focused on risk management to ensure worry-free wealth management experience for Fund’s investors.

Einvestment provides instant access to offshore mutual fund investment options that are built to deliver monthly income. The platform is owned and operated by offshore Mutual Fund. domiciled in the Cayman Islands You are welcome easily set up your online investment account in less than 10 minutes to start investing.

Investment options
Offshore investment options

Officials at eInvestment – the offshore mutual fund platform headquartered in the Cayman Islands – believe that enhanced asset management regulation is creating a major sea change in attitudes surrounding offshore investment funds.

According to a Cayman Islands government news release,

“The Cayman Islands investment fund is the global collective investment vehicle preferred by investors in North America, UK, China, Japan, the Middle East, Latin America, and many other countries. It is used by international investors to aggregate investment into countries around the world to facilitate efficient global co-investment and asset management. In fact, 70 percent of non-US domiciled investment funds managed by US SEC-registered advisors are domiciled in the Cayman Islands.”

Offshore Account: The simplest way to invest

Offshore Mutual Funds
Offshore investment account

Large number of  best offshore mutual funds are domiciled in the Cayman Islands, the government has just enacted the 2020 Mutual Funds law to provide heightened oversight of the offshore investment fund environment.

Even the media is coming around to the idea that offshore wealth management is a good idea.

“The reality is that focusing on a global approach to investing helps ordinary folk mitigate risk during times of market volatility, allowing them to benefit from bona fide tax advantages and make the most of the inevitable opportunities that emerge.”

A Forbes Magazine article

eInvestment enables everyone to invest securely with its top-performing investment offerings. You’ll benefit from the broad range of advantages, high performance, inflation-beating returns and lowest fees. Explore best-performing investment options with time-proven results.

eInvestment platform is built for individual investors who are looking to set up offshore mutual fund account.

Learn the key facts about Einvestment Mutual Fund Platform:

  • Start investing in best-performing Segregated Investment Portfolios that are suitable for regular and retirement investing.
  • Typical annual return exceeds 50% (based on performance history since inception).
  • Over $240M under management (as at July, 2021).
  • Income distributions are processed monthly on 10th day of each month. Lowest performance fee  starting from 17.5%.
  • Low investment minimums – Invest from 1,000 Euros.
  • Allocation to the most cutting-edge companies across over 10 sectors and countries
  • Broad diversification by region, sector, currency, asset class and market cap
  • Hassle-free, secure & instant investor’s onboarding with no paperwork.
  • Adjust compounding settings to find the right balance between monthly income and total return.
  • Already retired? Build your retirement portfolio with Einvestment and enjoy discounted performance fee of just 15%.
  • Are you expatriate? Learn why Einvestment suits well for expat investments

Once your account is set up and verified, you can easily select portfolio for funds allocation. Online investment account by eInvestment is a powerful, safe and convenient instrument to get more from your savings.

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