In the last few years investors put more emphasis on ESG compliance of investment products when looking for investment opportunities. Climate change has recently become increasingly important for investors, so climate investing, impact investing and sustainable investing are becoming increasingly popular among investors who are intended to make the world a better place. Everyone is responsible to environmental issues, so governments have to act, wealth management companies and funds have to act, and investors have to act as well. Climate investing helps both investors and fund managers to reach ambitious climate goals. This is is a mission for everyone who is aimed to support ESG trend as most of asset managers, financial institutions and global corporations have already done.

Sustainable Investing – The Trend of New Generation

Sustainable investing factors

Sustainable investing factors and goals

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has been designated the most significant investment trend of a generation. With just over $30 trillion dollars invested in sustainable assets across five major markets, ESG, sustainable, impact, and socially responsible investing have become a truly a global phenomenon, according to Atlantic Council report.

In addition to strict compliance to ESG standards,  ESG funds also deliver high returns in line with investor’s risk profile and investment objectives. Such transformation is also a great marketing opportunity for wealth management companies and funds. The world’s changing climate will have significant impact on investment portfolios value, so Environmental, Social and Governance factors can no longer be ignored by investors regardless their financial goals and time horizon. Sustainable investing is also becoming increasingly popular among millennials.

Offshore investment funds also support Sustainable and Impact Investing trend. For example, portfolio managers of Einvestment Fund do not invest in weapon manufacturers, air and water polluters, alcohol companies and toxic chemicals factories. Portfolio managers select the right mix of assets that consists of securities of the companies primarily focused on new ideas and cutting-edge technologies that do not harm the nature, society and animals. When selecting sustainable investing with Einvestment, investors get unlimited access to global markets through broadly-diversified allocation to different regions, sectors, asset classes and currencies.

Sustainable & Impact Investing with Einvestment

To start investing with Einvestment Fund, you need to open online investment account on the website and verify your identity. Paperless identity verification procedure and electronic subscription agreements ensure the highest level of security and convenience, as well as enabling immediate access to top-performing investment products aimed to deliver superior returns and achieve investor’s financial goals. It’s a great choice for investors to allocate savings to companies and mutual funds that are focused on solving the biggest world’s challenges. Moreover, the Fund generates high returns and ensures growth of wealth for investors while following responsible investing strategies. The basic subscription period is 24 months, so Einvestment matches your goals in case you are looking for short-term investments.

Moreover, asset allocation with Einvestment is also tax-efficient due to location of the Fund in the Cayman Islands, one of the world-famous tax-efficient jurisdictions with goodstanding reputation, political stability and tax neutrality. Investing offshore is aimed to reduce the costs and maximize returns for investors. Investing in offshore mutual funds also suits retired investors, who seek to invest for retirement with top-performing funds that deliver inflation-beating returns and have excellent performance history over years.

Benefits of Responsible Investing with Einvestment Fund

Einvestment Fund offers discounted performance fee for investment management services exclusively for retired investors with a minimum investment of 10,000 Euros. The minimum subscription amount for regular investors is 1,000 Euros. The Fund’s top-performing segregated portfolio has generated over 300% total return since it’s inception in early 2019. However, returns delivered by mutual funds are not guaranteed because they are driven by fund’s performance. Investors need to accept taking the risks of partial loss and temporary drawdowns of their portfolio. Wih Einvestment, ethical investing becomes simple and accessible for retail investors.

Fees, Liquidity & Distributions

In addition to low investment minimums, monthly income distributions and outstanding performance history, the fund charges only performance fee that starts from 15%, and does not charge any subscription or entry fees, as well as annual fees and management fee. If you need to redeem the funds from investment products, there is a low redemption fee of 2.99%. Redemption can be requested anytime, and it’s aimed to ensure the high liquidity with immediate access to invested funds. With Einvestment, you can broadly diversify and supercharge your portfolio, and get more from your savings. Before your start your investment journey with Einvestment platform, you are welcome to compare investment products to select the one that matches your financial goals and risk profile.