The rise of ethical investing

Ethical investing is now on the rise and still have excellent potential for future growth. Investing funds in green energy sector is one of the most important ways we can help to protect our nature and minimize the impact on climate change. There are a few types of renewable energy sources – wind, solar and water. Sustainable investing is becoming a trend among investors of new generation are are intended to make the world a better and safer place for everyone while taking care of next generations.

Renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source in the USA increasing 100 percent from 2000 to 2018. Solar generation is projected to surge from 11% of total U.S. renewable generation in 2017 to 48% by 2050, making it the fastest-growing electricity source, according to Center for Climate and Energy Solutions report.

Types of renewable energy

Solar energy investments

  1. Solar Energy – Energy that is being produced by the sun, solar panels and other technologies. Solar Energy becomes increasingly popular for both individual homes and and enterprise use.
  2. Water Energy – Flowing water generates water energy. Water energy is used by largest enterprises and even cryptocurrency mining companies.
  3. Wind Energy – Wind turbines located in offshore and onshore wind farms produce wind energy. This type of green energy is mostly popular in the UK, as the cou ntry is the leader in offshore wind farms.

Is it worth investing in green energy?

The world needs more and more renewable energy to replace toxic fuels as an energy source, so high demand strives to make a good case for investing in stocks, companies, wealth management companies and mutual funds focused on Green Energy investments.

Nevertheless, there is a number of other factors that determine whether green energy investments is the right choice particularly for you, including government regulations, health of global economy and state’s approach and vision of the industry’s future in the country. Market capitalization of the companies producing or investing in green energy surges when the global economy is sustainable and strong.

Renewable Energy companies are also affected by local regulations in different regions of the world. Governments may mandate a certain amount  of energy to be renewable or fine companies who use toxic fuels. This strategy is strived to benefit green businesses.

Renewable energy investments

How to invest in green energy?

There are a few ways to start investing in green energy sector:

1. Invest in renewable energy projects directly

2. Talk to your wealth manager or financial advisor to pick the right assets for allocation of funds.

The well-known and trusted way to invest in case you have no industry experience or understanding. Certified financial advisor usually receives the fee for selling financial products. Please be prepared that most of investment offerings are available only for accredited investors and High Net Worth individuals.

3. Invest in Green Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

4. Invest in close-ended or open-ended mutual funds

5. Invest in offshore mutual funds focused on ethical investing

Ethical investing is highly demanded among forward-thinking investors, as well as it’s a new trend and marketing opportunity for mutual funds and asset managers around the world. Offshore allocation may enhance your returns and give extra tax-benefits by allocating the funds in tax-efficient offshore jurisdiction with neutral tax policy.

6. Conduct a deep research and buy green energy stocks from your brokerage account

The easiest way to start investing yourself, but it requires a deep research and extended industry knowledge. You can invest in manufacturers of solar panels, wind turbines or green energy-producing companies. Moreover, investing in metal and technology companies involved in manufacturing components for renewable energy industry is also attractive investment opportunity.

Please note that the market value of shares can go up as well as down, so please make sure you have conducted a deep research and globally reviewed company’s balance sheet, stock historical performance, latest press-releases and scheduled updates or important developments for the nearest future. You need to accept taking the risks before investing.

Ethical investing with Einvestment Fund

Ethical investing enables investors to allocate their savings in compliance with their values. Investments in renewable energy sector are considered as ethical investments. The majority of mutual funds currently offer Green Energy-focused investment options. Einvestment is an offshore investment fund that holds a concentrated portfolio of income-producing assets in top-performing sectors, including renewable energy, technology companies and digital assets.

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