If you want a comfortable future with money to spare, investing is a wonderful option. Thanks to the coronavirus crisis, people have realized that even the most stable economy can unexpectedly break down. If you aren’t prepared for such a crisis, you may have to struggle for income. Meanwhile, those who know about safe investment options have a safety net in place. However, the sphere can be confusing for beginners. To be a successful investor, you need to understand what this market is about and learn what options there are. Equipped with this knowledge, you can make investments that safeguard your finances.

Investing: Why Is This Income Source So Popular?

As mentioned above, investing is a great source of additional income. Moreover, ethical investing is now becoming a global trend for investors of new generation. In addition, you don’t have to work long, arduous hours to get this extra money. All you need to do is research the available variants, analyze market conditions, and choose the most suitable assets to add to your portfolio. When this is done, you can step back and watch your income grow on its own. However, all investments come with inherent risks. In the case of investments with a high safety level, such as Certificates of Deposit or even Balanced Funds, there is a lower chance of losing money, but it’s still there. Along with that, there are also medium-risk opportunities you can access, like corporate bonds. Before investing, decide how much risk you are comfortable with; there’s something suitable for all risk profiles.

Best Investment Opportunities in 2021

Below, you can learn more about the best investment opportunities available:

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  • High-yield savings accounts. It is one of the easiest options available, which makes it extremely popular low-risk investment opportunity.. This investment does not require specialized skills or in-depth knowledge of the market. Another benefit is that you can access your funds at any time, so it is perfect for those who may need them in a short period. Besides, high-yield savings accounts are among the best investment options in terms of security due to FDIC-secured banks, and it implies that it is barely possible to lose the deposit.


  • Certificates of Deposit. This option is always connected with a higher interest rate compared to the above alternative. Meanwhile, maturity dates have to be considered, and they can range from a few weeks to a few years. It means that investors are not allowed to withdraw their funds until the period ends, or they will be required to pay a penalty.


  • Government bond funds. These happen to be mutual funds that are invested in government-issued debt securities. The investment tools are T-notes, T-bills, and T-bonds, and they are all perfect for low-risk investors. Besides, it is also a great choice for people who are new to investments. At the same time, the fund is not backed by the government just like any other mutual fund, so it can be influenced by inflation and rate fluctuations.


  • Short-term corporate bond funds. Sometimes, corporations issue bonds to investors to raise money, and the approximate maturity takes up 1 to 5 years. The result is an investment that is not affected by interest rate fluctuations. This alternative can be ideal for investors who are seeking cash flow – like, for example, retirees. Corporate bond funds can also be beneficial for those who want investments with high returns but are not ready to take risks. If you want to avoid risk, you should make sure that your fund consists of high-quality bonds.


  • S&P 500 index funds. It is a great alternative if you are eager to get higher returns in comparison with ordinary banking products or bonds. However, this option comes with more volatility, and you have to consider this fact. It also provides investors with diversification, which allows them to own a piece of all the organizations involved. Moreover, this option is great for beginning investors as it offers diversified exposure to the market.


  • Dividend stock funds. With this type of investment, portions of a company’s profit are be paid out to shareholders. This variant is more suitable for intermediate and advanced investors, and they can purchase a group of dividend stocks to minimize risk. Even though dividend stocks come with risks, they are regarded as a safer option compared to non-dividend stocks and growth stocks. If you decide to go for this one, you should choose companies with a solid history. Another piece of good news is that you are free to purchase or sell the fund at any time.


  • Nasdaq-100 index funds. This kind of investment is best for those who are willing to obtain exposure to some of the largest tech organizations without analyzing particular companies or picking the winners and losers. It involves some of the strongest organizations, which are also highly valued. Hence, they can fall dramatically in a downturn, but they usually rise again in the case of economic recovery.


  • Rental housing. This option is perfect if you want to manage your properties. Even though there can be some difficulties because of the unstable economy, it can provide you with an impressive cash flow when it is time to retire. So, if you go for rental housing, you have to realize that it will take some time for you to get your reward, which makes it more suitable for those who are not in a hurry.


  • Municipal bond funds. In the case of municipal bonds, the interest tends to be free of federal income taxes, which makes this investment attractive. You can also get a piece of advice from a financial adviser on how to choose the most beneficial type. Municipal bond funds are among the safest investment opportunities due to diversified exposure where there is no necessity to get individual bonds analyzed.


What Do You Need to Consider?

If you want to start investing your money, you have to consider these factors:

  1. Risk tolerance. It means how much you are ready to lose if something goes wrong. The bigger the returns are, the riskier your investment is. CDs and FDIC-protected accounts, for example, are ideal for beginners and those who are not ready to play big.
  2. Time horizon. This one determines when investors need their money, so you should take it into consideration when selecting the most suitable investment options. Consequently, if you intend to take out your funds in a short period, you must go for investment management companies, bonds, CDs, or savings accounts. If there is no time pressure, you can choose alternatives with more risks and higher returns, such as stock funds and stocks.
  3. Knowledge. It is always a bad idea to invest blindly; consequently, you should explore the market before making your decision. For example, investing in assets implies more than basic knowledge and can be too risky if you do not understand what they are about. However, there are ways beginners can benefit from, for instance, an index fund. The reason is that it comprises several stocks, and if any of them brings nothing, the overall income will not be affected significantly. Knowledge is power.
  4. How much you are able to invest. Obviously, you have to pick an affordable option. Investing all the money you have is not a wise decision, so you should start with something that won’t affect your well-being.

When you consider the above things, you are more likely to succeed. It is also essential to choose a reliable company or website if you do not want to put your money at unnecessary risk. That is why you can use our online platform. Our team has years of experience and is happy to share the knowledge with you. Here, at eInvestment, you will find selection of investment options that your goals, such as mutual funds, offshore and retirement investments. With Einvestment, you can also invest in crypto mutual funds.

Everyone Can Make Wise Investments

Investing can be just what you need to grow your wealth over time, and there is a wide range of options offered by wealth management companies available these days. It means that everyone can choose one of the safe investment variations in accordance with their financial state. For instance, it can be anything from lower-return assets to higher-return ones. However, one has to understand the advantages and disadvantages of every investment type to make the right choice. Being a beginner, you can be confused and overwhelmed at first, but you will learn how to invest over time. Despite the cliché, anyone can become an investor, and you do not even need a lot of money for this purpose: many affordable options exist.