Before investors enter the market, the first question that comes to their minds is how much money they need to start. It might come as a surprise to you that it’s not necessary to be wealthy. But what if you don’t know how to do small investments? If you’re in that boat, keep on reading. There are plenty of ways to make money, even if you only have $50 to spare.


Robots have been gaining popularity among investors due to their ability to make the investing process as simple as possible. Also, they don’t require in-depth knowledge and persuasive skills. The Robo-investing process starts with a short questionnaire that helps define your goals and risk tolerance. 

Robo-advisor’s decisions are based on algorithms that exclude emotions. Every investor knows that emotions are one’s biggest enemy while trading. Robots choose a diversified portfolio of low-cost assets. Although you should be prepared for the fact that robots apply fees, the chance to gain profit is high.

Small Investment Mutual Funds

Mutual funds allow you to create a highly diversified portfolio of assets and invest in all of them with just one transaction. The funds differ with the minimum size of the deposit. Although there are those whose minimum requirement can reach $10,000, there are also accounts with monthly investments of just $50. 

A significant advantage of a mutual fund is that your money is invested by experts who know everything about the market and have years of investment practice. 

According to Morningstar, the cost of funds has decreased significantly over the past 20 years. Thus, in 2019, investors’ expenses amounted to 0.45% versus 0.87% in 1999. 

Think About Retirement In Advance

One excellent option is to invest in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. You can choose to set aside a small amount of money that you likely wouldn’t even notice. For example, you can set up 1% of your salary to be withheld for investments. Another thing that can decrease your spending is the tax deduction. 

If you are not satisfied with the return, you can raise the percentage of your salary that is withheld for investments. And what’s more, as your salary increases over time, the increased withholding percentage won’t make a noticeable impact on your take-home pay. 

Real Estate 

Real Estate

There is a bias that real estate is one of the most expensive types of investing. And this was true at one point, but real estate crowdfunding has changed the market and made it more accessible. This option enables you to own shares of commercial real estate. Although you won’t be able to invest having only $50, holding $500 will open a new opportunity for you. 

The main benefit of real estate crowdfunding is the ability to share risks with other investors and the lack of responsibility for your property’s maintenance. Moreover, you are not required to pay enormous charges that are typically associated with property investments. 


Trading and investing are different approaches. Nevertheless, they have the same result – rewards. Usually, investing is considered to be more expensive than trading. So, if you don’t have lots of money, you can open a trading account. 

There is a wide range of securities you can trade. Choose from currencies, commodities, and stocks. To start trading, you need at least $10. A broker will provide you with leverage that will help you make more substantial deposits. The main pro is the opportunity to earn money quickly. Keep in mind, though: trading is not often used for long-term goals. 

Small Investment Options

Small investment options are one of the easiest ways to make money. You don’t need comprehensive knowledge of markets, previous experience, or in-depth market analysis. 

The idea of such options is to earn returns according to a “yes/no” scheme. All you need to do is to predict whether the market will reach the predetermined condition. Also, it doesn’t require your time, since orders expire automatically. The minimum deposit doesn’t exceed $100.   

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are not the best option to gain huge returns. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to accumulate your funds and get small investment passive income with zero risks. When opening a savings account, you allow a bank to use your money for the interest it pays you monthly. The minimum amount you can start with is low and usually varies from $500 to $1,000. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending

In this investing method, you are still a lender who gives loans to borrowers. When using this option, you lend money to companies or individuals and gather the interest on the return. Peer-to-peer lending is more profitable than savings accounts. Risks are still low as platform algorithms limit them. 

To participate in peer-to-peer lending, you need to find a broker. Before accepting an offer, you are able to consider a range of in-depth data. Also, your risk will be evaluated based on an algorithm. 

US Treasury Debt

Any investment comes with inherent risks. However, you can reduce the risk factor by investing in the right assets. US Treasury Securities are the notes that are issued by the US Treasury Department to support the national debt. The length of them varies from 1 month to 30 years. 

To help fund the US’ debt, it’s enough to visit the Treasury Direct, which a portal of the US Treasury Department. You can also purchase Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. $100 will be enough to start. 


To conclude, although it’s a common conception that only affluent people can invest, this is not true. There is a vast list of investing methods, even if you have limited funds. They differ with the level of risk, the minimum deposit, and the speed of returns. An outstanding advantage is that you can make small investments online.

One of the methods of small investments is mutual funds. Such funds enable you to hedge your risks by investing in several assets and relying on professionals that make decisions for you. Einvestment is a mutual fund whose professionals are eager to help you get rewards for small deposits.