Investors Choose Trusted Investment Platform from Cayman Islands –

 Private and institutional investors are both looking for a trusted investment platform to allocate their savings, and many are carefully considering eInvestment. This powerful mutual fund platform provides investors with superior offshore investment opportunities.

Operated by Einvestment Fund, which is registered in the Cayman Islands, eInvestment is a safe and convenient platform for your offshore investment needs. A leading international financial venue, the Cayman Islands offer investors an English common law, robust regulatory framework, political stability and tax neutrality. It’s the perfect location for  mutual fund investment platform.

The world’s finest financial institutions operate here. In other words, eInvestment gives access to safe investments with high returns and monthly income distributions. Secure investment trades are launched and executed seamlessly using the Cayman infrastructure.

The eInvestment team has more than 200 years of professional asset investment and offshore investing experience. We follow the financial industry best practices to ensure a worry-free investment journey to investors.

Secure Investment, Easy Offshore Asset Management

Safe online investments
Offshore Asset Management

When combined with our state-of-the-art digitized secure investment platform, our investment solution helps you meet and exceed your capital investment goals.

What other advantages does eInvestment provide? Best-in-class technology and support are two additional advantages to our online investing solution.

Your offshore investment program will be fully supported by eInvestment’s focus on technology. We built our offshore asset management platform from the ground up, using cutting-edge online investment software.

Our suite of differentiated investment options meets the diverse needs of both high-end private investors and institutional investors.

If you have multiple portfolios, the eInvestment platform was designed with you in mind. Investors find it simple to set up and select  offshore high yield investment options. An individual investor can start and track portfolios for both personal and retirement funds, in addition to alternative investment methods. It’s your choice! Money managers can then easily toggle between portfolios for a global view of your capital investment.

Institutional investors love our unique platform because it allows them to set up accounts for all their clients’ offshore investments. Money managers around the world have a bird’s eye view of all their clients’ managed accounts. This multi-portfolio investment platform allows them to quickly and easily look at any of their client’s positions, balances, and histories.

Individual and institutional investors using eInvestment have access to a full range of safe traditional investments. Additionally, the platform offers access to alternative investments that are rarely found through other providers.

We have relationships with financial entities from around the world so that we can offer offshore investment opportunities, ranging from private equity and hedge funds to real property and tangible assets.

For online investments and offshore asset management, eInvestment offers the ultimate digital platform to help you meet and surpass your capital investment goals. eInvestment is the secure investment option.