Monthly income funds

Looking to allocate your savings to mutual funds for monthly income? Investing money in schemes that offer high level of regular monthly income is a great investment opportunity to ensure sustainable income that covers monthly bills or mortgage. There may be several investment options that offer monthly income, so you have a choice of investment offerings to find the one that suits your investment objectives and risk profile.

Top-performing mutual funds for monthly income

Despite Covid-19 pandemic, mutual fund investment rised four-fold, according to Mutual funds are one of top-performing investment opportunities. However, the returns of mutual funds are driven by performance, and cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, negative returns are also possible, as well as long-term drawdowns. Mutual fund’s performance is the result of portfolio managers expertise, so it’s recommended to research historical data to have a long-term understanding of particular fund’s performance, portfolio turnover rate, drawdown statistics and asset allocation reports. Mutual funds that offer monthly income distributions will meet your expectations if you are looking to allocate your savings to monthly income funds.

How to invest in mutual funds?

Investing offshore may enhance your returns and reduce costs because of allocation in tax-efficient jurisdiction, such as Cayman Islands or British Virgin Islands. Offshore investment opportunities open unlimited access to global markets enabling investors to allocate their savings to top-performing sectors around the world while diversifying portfolio by sector, currency, country, market capitalization and exposure style.

Mutual Funds and Inflation-beating returns

Mutual funds are also a great inflation-beating investment opportunity according to performance history of the industry. There are conservative and aggressive asset allocation options offered by mutual funds. For example, Einvestment Fund operates as offshore Segregated Portfolio company, and offers a selection of portfolios with different level of risk available for asset allocation. Investors can allocate the savings to the most cutting-edge companies with Einvestment wealth management platform. Moreover, paperless investor’s onboarding and electronic contracts improve and simplify online investing experience and ensure the highest level of security and compliance. The fund’s top investment option has generated a total return of 316% since portfolio inception in February, 2019. Such returns absolutely beat the effect of rising inflation while bringing investors to their financial goals and meeting or even exceeding their expectations.

Einvestment – Advanced Monthly Income Fund

Broad diversification and global expertise of portfolio managers are the key drivers of the Fund’s performance. The Fund offers low investment minimum of 1,000 Euros required to subscribe to the Fund’s investment products. The Fund offers monthly income distributions and delivers superior returns since it’s inception in 2018. In order to start investing, you need to set up an online investment account, complete automated identity verification procedure and sign electronic subscription agreement. Once it’s done, you may start building your investment portfolio. Please note that past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns, so it’s recommended to compare investment options to adjust the risks and develop the right strategy that ensures attractive risk/return potential of your investments.

Einvestment mutual fund platform is a great solution for investors who seek to enable the ongoing source of regular monthly income in a tax-efficient form or seeks to invest in Balanced Funds that allocate the savings to multiple asset classes. Take a closer look at the Fund’s investment offerings if you are prepared to accept higher risk and feel comfortable with higher level of volatility. The Fund’s investment options suit investors who are planning to hold their investments for short-to-medium turn with opportunity to borderlessly extend subscription to investment products in line with financial goals.

The Fund offers instant access to it’s broadly-diversified investment products designed for monthly income, and aims to deliver a high level of income with a potential of capital growth over the short-to-medium term. Liquidity is also a major benefit, as you can sell redeem funds anytime with just 2.99% redemption fee. The Fund offers low performance fee and there are no subscription or annual fees charged from investors for subscribing to investment products or just account-keeping. With Einvestment, you may power your income, grow your wealth and get the most from your savings! Learn more about Investment Account here.