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febrero 18, 2021
EQS-News: Einvestment Fund: Bitcoin Reaches All-Time High of $51K+ After Tesla Reveals a $1.5B Investment

Bitcoin – the world’s most popular cryptocurrency – has reached a new
threshold of $51,000 after Elon Musk announced an investment of $1.5 billion
in Bitcoin.
febrero 2, 2021
Einvestment Fund: eMarket Store to Be Shut Down with the Start of Mass Vaccination in Europe

Due to the start of mass vaccination in Europe, Einvestment Fund shuts down the anti-viral electronics business, which reached €13.3 million in annual revenue.
enero 14, 2021
Einvestment Fund reports 253% year-to-year revenue growth and surpasses €100M in Assets Under Management

Einvestment Fund’s revenue exceeded €38 million in 2020, with a year-over-year growth equal to €22.9 million. The highest-performing sectors were health care, green energy, and cryptocurrency …
noviembre 29, 2020
Einvestment Mutual Fund: COVID-19 Becomes the Main Driver of Digital Economy

Einvestment Mutual Fund predicted the blooming of the digital economy even before COVID-19 hit the world. That’s why the share of digital companies and digital assets in the Fund’s investment portfolio exceeds 75%. …
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