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Why Einvestment is the Superior Choice?

Benefits of entrusting your assets to eInvestment include:
  • Expertise in all risk levels from real estate to high-volatile trading. Designed to boost diversification. Focused on risk management.
    Finest selection of portfolios with different risk levels for any taste. Our team has «on the ground» knowledge, practical experience and deep roots in most of sectors where the funds are allocated.
  • In addition to wealth management services, Gulliver Group operates a network of international businesses under brand.
Business Advisory Services
Professional consulting services for the most complicated, promising and rapid growing sectors of digital economy including regulated industries.
Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
Run your own enterprise-grade cost-efficient cloud infrastructure with unlimited scalability with a couple of clicks.
Travel Booking Platform
Book flights, airline tickets and vacation packages at the lowest prices with the highest cashback rate.
Retail Store
Improve your anti-viral safety with efficient and styling personal air sterilizating devices at the lowest price.
Affiliate Program
Drive your traffic to and to establish one more stable revenue stream for yourself or your business.
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Luxury Lifestyle Management
Exclusive concierge app for international High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Yachts and private джет instant booking, special offers from the leading hotel chains and Michelin-level restaurants, philantropy and red carpet events access, and much more.
Digital Banking
Borderless online alternative to traditional banking with fully-automated & remote paperless customers onboarding, multi-currency accounts for payments and debit cards. Powered by eSoftware Fintech Suite.
Digital Insurance
Instant digital insurance for individuals available worldwide. Paperless onboarding and forward-thinking approach dedicated to minimize costs and save your time.
Secure Communication
Multi-encrypted smartphone with military-grade security of communication. Secure & anonymous SIM card with unlimited data in over 180 countries. Powered by eOS. Designed for your highest privacy.

Special rates for all products are available for customers!

  • Flexible performance fee. No subscription fee. Straightforward approach.
    The more you invest, the less performance fee is paid to Einvestment from positive returns.
  • Lowest minimum subscription amount for investors.
    The minimum investment is just 1,000 EUR. Einvestment makes online investing simple and digital.
  • Frequent interest payments. Automated payouts. Long performance history.
    Einvestment Portfolios generate return on your investment on monthly basis.
  • Totally paperless onboarding. Immediate funds allocation. Intented to move ahead from the old world.
    No paperwork anymore! Digital application with eSignature takes less than 5 minutes. Your investment can start generating returns since tomorrow.
  • Intuitive & secure Investor’s Portal
    Access your investment portfolio from web browser or mobile apps. Make new investments or request interest withdrawal with just a couple of clicks.
  • Modern and advanced techniques for efficient wealth management. Ongoing monitoring of managers and new market opportunities.
    Our highly-efficient team represents the next generation of managers who always act fast and speed up all legal, IT and financial processes to always achieve the goals as soon as possible with minimal costs and much faster than competitors.
  • Einvestment Club Membership. Events and Privilegies.
Einvestment Club

Einvestment Club is a community of High Net Worth investors.

Membership is free of charge and gets upgraded to a higher level as long as the value of your investment portfolio grows.

Club Members are also provided with complementary eConcierge service giving access to discounts in world’s leading hotels, luxury restaurants, airline tickets, access to private and red carpet events and other premium services worldwide

Gold Membership
Account Value: over €50,000

Annual eInvestment Club Member’s Signature Event access

WhatsApp / Telegram Personal Manager

3% discount on

10% discount on

Diamond Membership
Account value: over €150,000

Annual eInvestment Club Member’s Signature Event access

Complementary business or first-class tickets and top-tier hotel reservation

WhatsApp / Telegram Personal Manager

VIP concierge - luxury life style management with worldwide discounts and privilegies

6% discount on

20% discount on

  • Exceptional customer service
    Communication with the client is more than important part of the relationship. Our friendly and well-experienced customer service team is happy to assist you around the clock with no days-off!
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