Investor Trend: Offshore Investment Funds

These days, it is easier than ever to invest online through an offshore investment fund.

But complex regulations and overblown media accounts have kept many individual investors from considering a managed trading account for offshore investment until recently.

Officials at eInvestment – the multi-portfolio offshore investment platform headquartered in the Cayman Islands – believe that enhanced capital management regulation is creating a major sea change in attitudes surrounding offshore investment funds.

According to a Cayman Islands government news release,

“The Cayman Islands investment fund is the global collective investment vehicle preferred by investors in North America, UK, China, Japan, the Middle East, Latin America, and many other countries. It is used by international investors to aggregate investment into countries around the world to facilitate efficient global co-investment and asset management. In fact, 70 percent of non-US domiciled investment funds managed by US SEC-registered advisors are domiciled in the Cayman Islands.”

Invest Money Online: It’s Never Been Easier To Go Offshore

Online investment
Online investment

Because so many investment funds reside in the Cayman Islands, the government has just enacted the 2020 Mutual Funds law to provide heightened oversight of the offshore investment fund environment.

Even the media is coming around to the idea that offshore capital management is a good idea.

“the reality is that focusing on a global approach to investing helps ordinary folk mitigate risk during times of market volatility, allowing them to benefit from bona fide tax advantages and make the most of the inevitable opportunities that emerge.”

A Forbes Magazine article

eInvestment is now helping everyone invest money through its digital, multi-portfolio platform. You’ll feel like an institutional investor with all these digital tools at your command.

The eInvestment capital management and investment platform were designed from the ground up for individual investors who want to set up a managed trading account to track multiple offshore investing portfolios.

  • You can start a capital management approach that tracks portfolios for traditional and retirement investing.
  • You can also set up portfolios to track an offshore investment fund, a hedge fund investment, or other alternative investments. Every investor has a different approach, so eInvestment gives you the tools to use any parameter to establish a portfolio.

Once set up, you can easily toggle between portfolios to invest money or view a global picture of your capital management. A managed trading account with eInvestment is safe and secure, thanks to our best practices and cutting-edge technology.

High-end investors love our suite of differentiated investment options that are rarely found through other providers. How do we provide all these options? ABC Investment fund, the Cayman Islands-based manager of eInvestment, maintains relationships with financial entities from around the world so that we can offer numerous offshore investment opportunities. Invest online in an offshore investment fund, a hedge fund investment, private equity, even property, and tangible assets.

Invest online. Operate a managed trading account. Invest money in traditional assets or make a hedge fund investment. eInvestment is the ultimate digital platform to help you meet and surpass your capital investment goals.